Taxes and administration

Help with filling in tax returns

Are you currently working in the Netherlands or have you worked in the Netherlands in the past five years? Then you can still fill in your tax returns. Have you just registered in the Netherlands or did you just return to your home country? There are different tax returns forms for every situation. We can offer you advice, so feel free to contact us.

Car taxes and BPM

Are you driving a foreign car in the Netherlands? Do you think paying for the road tax is sufficient? Or do you also need to pay BPM?

We would gladly help you in the entire procedure of registering your car and changing to a Dutch licence plate. 

Would you like to know which rules apply for your situation? Please contact us.


In the Netherlands there are many rules and regulations, which change frequently. For many people this can be confusing. We have had some customers in the past, who got into trouble because of a lack of knowledge of these rules. This can happen very easily: for example, if you don’t pay the healthcare insurance premiums for three months, you can already be contacted by a debt collector. 

We can help you to make your administration more transparent, for example by listing all of your regular expenses, making payment arrangements, and making a savings plan.


Healthcare insurances

In the Netherlands, it is mandatory to pay for your own healthcare insurance. In many other countries, this is taken care of by the employer. If you’re coming to the Netherlands to work as a flex worker, you can often get a collective insurance via your employer, because the  insurance premiums are automatically withheld from your salary. Are you aware of how this works in your situation?
Be careful! When your contract has ended and you receive social security (WW), it’s possible that you’re no longer insured.
It is important to know that, when you are registered at the municipality (GBA), you always have to pay healthcare insurance premiums, even when you are unemployed.
Because it’s mandatory to pay the insurance premiums yourself in the Netherlands, the Dutch law offers you the possibility to request healthcare allowance if your income is too low. See ‘Healthcare allowance’

Life insurance

This is a difficult subject to talk about and for that reason most people try to avoid it. Unfortunately we have had customers who have suddenly lost a loved one in the Netherlands. Of course this is always a big shock and a very emotional time for the survivors. When you take out a life insurance, you can be assured that your loved ones will not have to worry about finances in such a difficult situation. Protect the ones you love, and consider this insurance before it’s too late.
The costs for a funeral can go up as high as thousands of euros. Are you ready to confront this difficult subject? Then please contact us for advice.

Legal assistance insurance

A legal assistance insurance is an insurance which covers legal help in certain situations. For example: to defend your consumer’s rights or when you have a conflict with your employer or your neighbours.
Don’t wait until you actually need it, because by then it will be too late to take out a legal assistance insurance.

Home and household insurance

Are you renting a house in the Netherlands? Then it’s a good idea to take out an insurance policy against break-ins and theft. While in many other countries the owner of the property is responsible for this, in the Netherlands it is your own responsibility.
Have you bought a house or apartment, or are you considering to buy a house in the Netherlands? Remember to take out an insurance policy. Contact us for advice on this matter.

Public Liability Insurance

Over 90% of the Dutch citizens have a public liability insurance: an insurance policy that covers the costs you may have to pay in case you cause damage to other people’s possessions. When you’re living in the Netherlands, it is advisable to take out a good liability insurance.
Take this situation, for example: while you’re shopping for groceries, your shopping cart hits a parked bike, which falls over and is damaged. It is likely that the owner of the bike will demand a restitution. There are many other situations you can think of where you, or your child, cause damage. In the Netherlands, you will be held responsible for this.

Benefits and allowances

Healthcare allowance

Healthcare allowance is meant for people who receive an income below a certain standard. The amount of healthcare allowance you receive depends entirely on your income, and is calculated by the tax authorities each year. In 2015, you’re entitled to a healthcare allowance as a single person when your income is maximum 26.316 euros on a yearly basis. When you have a partner, the combined incomes can be maximum 32.655 euros.
You can apply for a healthcare allowance when you live in the Netherlands, but also when you live abroad but receive your income from the Netherlands.

Housing benefits

When your income is below a certain standard, you can apply for housing benefits. This subsidy depends on your income, but also on the height of the rent, your age, and your housing situation. Let us check to see what the possibilities are for your situation.

Child support allowance

In addition to the normal child support allowance in the Netherlands, you can receive an extra allowance called the ‘kindgebonden budget’. This is a subsidy to help cover the costs for your children up to 18 years. The allowance depends on your income, how many children you have, and their ages. The conditions may change every year.

Are you working in the Netherlands, but do you have children who live abroad? There’s a good chance that you can still apply for the ‘kindgebonden budget’. The allowance can be paid monthly or every three months, together with the child support allowance. Do you want more information? Please contact us

Student finance system

Do you have children who are going to high school? Does your child need an annual bus- or train card and are you wondering if it’s possible to get a discount? How do you go about this?

Or maybe you are a student yourself, or you have a child who is studying, and you need financial support to cover all the costs? Contact us for advice on your specific situation. 

In the Netherlands there are several possibilities and different kinds of student loans, depending on your individual situation.

Social welfare payments

WW (unemployment allowance)

Has your contract ended or will it end in the near future? Don’t wait until the last moment to apply for an unemployment allowance (WW). 

The WW allowance is not only meant for people who lose their jobs. You can also apply for a supplementary allowance when you still have a job, but you’re not working as many hours as you used to when you started (flex workers). 

You can even request an unemployment allowance when you aren’t registered at the municipality (GBA), because you do pay monthly premiums. Every situation is different, so let us look into your specific situation to give you the best advice.

Social benefits

Are you receiving a WW, ZWW or WIA allowance, and is the allowance below the minimum wage? Then it’s worth looking into the options for supplementary social benefits. Let us check if this applies for your personal situation.

ZWW (health insurance act)

You have become ill during the term of your employment contract. What to do now? How do you register at the UWV (employee insurance agency) and what are the next steps? 

Or maybe you’re receiving a WW allowance and you have become ill. What happens then?

Every situation is different, so let us look into your specific situation in order to provide you with the best advice.

Maternity leave

Are you expecting? Then first of all: congratulations!!!
Are you wondering what are the things you need to take care of? How long is the maternity leave in the Netherlands? When can you stop working? What are the things you need to apply for, and what is your employer’s responsibility? If this is your first pregnancy and would you like to know more about hospitals, obstetricians and insurances? Please contact us for an appointment.